About Us

Retrend Jewelry by Katty is a woman-owned business that was founded in San Francisco, California and now located in San Diego, California.

  Owner Katty have always loved wearing jewelry and when she moved to the USA she couldn't find affordable, non tarnish and on trend jewelry and felt frustrated as the one from the USA was always tarnishing and wasn't really trendy. So she decided to bring some jewelry from Colombia which called a lot of people's attention when she was wearing it for its style and uniqueness. 

People started asking her if she could bring the same pieces for them and the rest is history.

Our on-trend, affordable jewelry is designed and handcrafted by artisans with care and love in Colombia. Most of our jewelry is composed of 24 kt gold-plated bronze. 

  Retrend Jewelry has pieces that make you feel fancy, sexy, and classy without worrying about the price.

  Find our booth at local farmers' markets here in San Diego, California.